My cat. Let me show him to you.

Fergus is a brown tabby American Shorthair, born in late July of 2005. His cuteness is the stuff of legend. This is his blog--the BLOG-O-FERGUS.

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Aug 10, 2007



Fergus after our Yule party in 2005.  He's exhausted from helping himself to everyone's drinks.

Posted at 05:48 pm by taijiya
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Aug 3, 2007
Welcome to the BLOG-O-FERGUS.

This was the first photo I took of Fergus, shortly after bringing him home in December of 2005; he was not quite five months old at the time.




He is a brown classic tabby American Shorthair, and would have been show-quality (and thus out of my reach) were it not for his size, which is rather small for a male of his breed.  He was brought forth for my inspection at a cat show, and we took to each other immediately.  He is absurdly friendly.

Posted at 04:48 pm by taijiya
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